Funeral Options

Arritt Funeral Home offers more funeral services, plans and options than any other firm in Covington and the surrounding areas. With us, funeral planning is easy and affordable. You can even make your funeral arrangements online.

As the preferred provider in our area, everything we do is quality. Our staff can walk you through the arrangement process and share various personalization options. Everything is designed around you and your wishes. What matters to you, matters to us.

Funeral Arrangements

At Arritt Funeral Home, we believe each service should be as unique as the individual who’s died.

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Funeral Services

Our slogan is “from caring comes compassion”; we are completely devoted to you and your loved ones.

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Memorial Options

If you prefer traditional burial, we can help you select a memorial option that best fits your wishes.

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Funeral Selections

We offer many ways to honor your loved one.  Whatever your wish, let us arrange a meaningful and personalized farewell.

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