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Mary E Sorensen posted on 5/4/18
My Dear Step Mother and I loved garage/yard sales. Each Saturday morning during the summer, we would rise early and get the car headed to Covington with a list of sales for the day. She was not the best driver I thought, so I was a bit anxious. But she could go through the yard sales so fast and before I could get a good look, she had purchased, paid up and was heading for the next stop. I had to run to keep up...We had a lot of fun and laughs...I loved to hear her laugh!

Mary E Sorensen posted on 5/4/18
Dear Sheila, I loved you like a Mother and a Best Friend. You were a blessing for my Dad and for me. I will miss you so dearly and Thank You for the precious memories and good times. Mary~

Lucinda brugh posted on 5/2/18
This beautiful lady was loved by her family and her church family she will be greatly missed