Why do you believe we need death education?

Psychologists have theorized that the institutionalizing of death (Hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) has effectively robbed us as a society of our ability to cope with death in a healthy way. We’re shielded from death in so many ways that it makes it more difficult when we inevitably lose someone we love.

Death education is important because there are so many myths and unknowns for most people regarding death. If we understand it better, we are then better prepared to cope with grief. Some of the important topics include: “How to explain death to children”, “Suicide Prevention”, “What are the stages of grief”, “How to help friends who have lost a loved one”, and “Various religious customs for funerals”. We work with the teacher or group leader in creating a curriculum, which is helpful and informative. We find adults appreciate the information as well, since our society tries to deny death, and therefore are poorly informed.